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Umrah 1442: Masjid Al Haram to be sanitized 10 times daily *As govt issues Umrah Protocols





The General Presidency which oversees the affairs of the Two Holy Mosques has said the two places of worship will be sanitized 10 times daily, adding that no pilgrim will be allowed to touch or kiss the black stone during tawaf (circumbulation)

This is just as the President of the General Presidency Sheikh Abdul Rehman Al Sudais announced the setting up an executive committee which will serve pilgrims and would have members from all institutions.

Again, the authorities have also issued some new protocols for the gradual resumption of Umrah beginning from October 4.

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One of the main protocol was the continuation of barring access to the Ka’bah during Tawaaf. The pilgrims will not be able to touch the Ka’bah nor kiss the Black stone as a precautionary measure and barriers will remain around the Ka’bah

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“No children allowed”- Only people between the ages of 18-65 will be able to register and perform Umrah

Zamzam coolers will remain inoperational however disposable Zamzam bottles will be distributed among the pilgrims

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Among other protocols will be maintaining social distancing during Tawaaf as we have seen during the Hajj season.

Pilgrims on any day during the first phase will be divided into groups of 12 and will be headed by a leader who will guide the pilgrims throughout their 3 hours of the allotted time. A health professional will also accompany each group.

The Presidency also announced that no one will be allowed to enter the Masjid without a valid Umrah permit.

The Sanitization department told that that Mosque will be sanitized 10 times per day and before and after the departure of each Umrah the group as well.

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