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2021 Kabah Kiswah ready





The Deputy President for King Abdulaziz Complex for Kaaba Cladding, Exhibitions and Museums, Mr. Abdul Hamid Al-Maliki, was briefed on the Holy Kaaba for the year 1442 AH, which was produced within 5 months by 8 automatic machines.

He listened to a detailed explanation from His Excellency Mr. Salman Al-Luqmani, Head of the Automated Weaving Department, about the nature of the department’s work in producing the dress of the Holy Kaaba and what is required of (lining the garment of the Kaaba, and entering the Kaaba with cotton Kiswah).

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The department of robotic weaving is concerned with the production of (the cladding of the Holy Kaaba and the lining of the robe of the Kaaba, the interior cladding of the Holy Kaaba and the cladding of the Prophetic Chamber, and the Ihram of the Kaaba with cotton Kiswah).

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