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Haramain Railway opens bookings today, begins operations from March 31st ••• As Saudi says Shaban begins today





Haramain High Speed Railway recently announced the reopening of its Booking System for customers from Monday, 15th March for services starting from Wednesday, 31st March.

Customers would be able to book seats for Travel between Makkah and Madinah and vice versa with stops at King Abdulaziz International Airport, Jeddah, and King Abdullah Economic City near Rabigh. Customers could book tickets online at https://sar.hhr.sa/

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The Haramain High Speed Railway was closed for an operation last year to control the spread of COVID-19 as a precautionary measure, later a fire broke out at its stop in Jeddah which caused the delay in relaunching of operations.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has announced Monday as first day of Shaban.  The new month of Shaban is the month before Ramadan and Muslims use it to determine first day of fasting. As a result, Ramadan begins at the end of 29 or 30 days from now.

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This followed the non-sighting of Shaban crescent in the Kingdom on Sunday because of the heavy dust and the sandstorm which is sweeping the country. Accordingly, Sunday was observed as the last day of the Hijri month Rajab and Monday marks the first day of Shaban, local media reported.

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