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NSCIA cautions southern Muslims against secession agenda





Nigerian Supreme  Council  For Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) has cautioned the Muslims in the Southern part of the country not to join the ongoing secession agenda by some elements in the zone to exit Nigeria.

It also called on the federal government to conduct a full-scale religious census of the entire workforce of its Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs)to confirm whether it’s the Muslims or Christians that are being marginalized in Nigeria.

The NSCIA which stated this in a press release titled,”CANs Campaign of Calumny on the shortlisted Justices of the Court of Appeal. “signed by its Deputy Secretary-General and Ag Director of Administration, Professor Salisu Sheu and Arc Harun Zuberu Usman-Ugwu respectively made available to newsmen in Ilorin also backed the use of hijab in public schools in Kwara state.

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It described CAN’s insinuations and vituperations that trailed the shortlisting of 20 Justices – designate by the Federal Judicial Service Commission (FJSC) as “a wicked strategy and unholy tactics to accuse Muslims of marginalization though Muslims are the ones being deliberately and systematically marginalized by Christians, who continue to consolidate on the colonial agenda of emasculating  Muslims.”

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The religious body which expressed its support for the usage of Hijab by female students in Kwara state said,”the right to hijab is constitutionally guaranteed. The schools in question are public schools that are financed and administered by the state government. ”

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On the secession agenda in the Southwest, the NSCIA said,”Muslims in Nigeria and the South, in particular, are warned to be circumspect in being dragged into the ethnic debate of some phantom States to be created out of Nigeria by some irredentist agitators.

“It is clear to the blind and audible to the deaf that the script is a design to further repress Islam and oppress Muslims in the South and turn them into second class citizens in their own fatherland.

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“Behind the mask of ethnicity that  the propagandists wear to deceive the unwary is a religious agenda to obliterate Muslims from the socio-political life of the entire South where hijab would be criminalized and the courts of law would be disobeyed at will by the so-called elite, as being witnessed in Kwara state.”

While calling on the federal government to conduct a religious census, the NSCIA said,”We reiterate our earlier call that the federal government should urgently conduct a full-scale religious census of the entire workforce of its ministries, departments, and agencies (MDAs). The statistics would be helpful as it would reveal the states of origin and religious affiliations of the Nigerian workforce.

“Muslims can no longer tolerate the psychological terrorism of those whose stock in trade is a campaign of calumny and bigoted propaganda anytime a Muslim happens to be at the helm of affairs in Nigeria. That is the way forward at this time as the vilification of Muslims by CAN can only be redressed by publishing the statistics and letting the world know who is marginalizing who.”

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