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RAMADAN DAY 2: The blessed month for a renewed life





Fasting has been ordained on as it was done on generations before you. The Quran 2:183 is clear in what fasting is meant to do – drive us to piety. A pius being will have good relationship with Allah, if he seeks, Allah will give, if he knocks, Allah will open. A pleasurable relationship than considers Allah first before anything.

Again, we will begin to understand the suffering of those who go without food in their own way of life. Understanding the plight of the poor is another part of what Ramadan is ordained to achieve. We are therefore reminded severally both in the Qur’an and hadith that giving food to fasting Muslim is a great deed in the month. That is to tell us how much Allah values putting food at the table of the poor.

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How beautiful the world would be if we could let others see the beauty of the message of Islam by the way of giving and sharing with love, real love for others and fear of Allah.

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We should not allow this special month to go without a good account of alleviating the pains of others and making someone to feel real good as human being.

We need to be asking ourselves all the time especially how we are going to benefit maximally from the holy month. What are we going to do to make the most of Ramadan? Surely, it is a profitable venture in which there is no risk, but bountiful and abundant rewards. There are rewards in this life and the hereafter for giving in charity at any moment. In this world you are also rewarded by the personal satisfaction you will feel, and the feeling of the receivers of your charity towards you and towards their fellow humans in general.

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It is the month of blessing, month of holiness, month of cleansing the soul from iniquities and month of charity; a month in which the Quran was revealed, a month in which there exist a night better than 1000 months. A month when the the devil is chained, and the door of hell shut. On the other hand, a month when the blessing descends from Allah and the doors of paradise are opened. It is really a great mercy from our creator, an indication that he loves us and want us to attain His pleasure at all times.

Wishing you all – Ramadan Kereem!

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