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Ramadan Day 25: Plan your Zakaat al-Fitr ahead of last day of Ramadan





Plan your Zakaat al-Fitr ahead of last day of Ramadan

Zakat al-Fitr, or the Zakat of Breaking the Fast of Ramadan, is a special obligatory alms given by fasting Muslims who have more than enough to eat to other Muslims who do not have. This is done at the end of Ramadan and precisely before Eid.
It is a mandatory charity due on every Muslim at the end of Ramadan, regardless of age or gender
It is incumbent upon every adult Muslim who possesses food in excess of their needs. The head of household can also pay zakat al-Fitr for their dependants such as children, servants and any dependent relatives.
It is done with staple foods that are common in the environment, such as rice, beans, garri, wheat,etc. The measurements is 4mud which is about 2kg in weight on one one member of the household.
You can give more but it cannot be less than the minimum st by the Prophet. In fact, one is encouraged to pay more than the minimum Zakat al-Fitr required, if one is able. “Ali, God be pleased with him, reportedly said that ‘when Allah gives you prosperity, you too should give more’ ” (see Zad Al-Ma‘ad, also Fiqh az-Zakat, 586).
The Spiritual benefits of Zakat al-Fitr is that it infuses the fasting and believing poor with the food resources to whole-heartedly glorify God, celebrate the Eid Prayer, and share the day’s merriment and delight with their children and families. The Prophet, on him be peace, famously said in this regard: “Gratify [the poor] on this day” (Al-Shawkani, Nayl Al-Awtar). It makes the celebration of Eid total, for the poor and the rich

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When Should Zakat al-Fitr Be Paid?
Scholars have traditionally focused the question of Zakat al-Fitr’s time for payment on its last allowable time. The Shafi’is, Malikis and Hanbalis say its due time is sunset of Ramadan’s last fasting day. The Hanafis and others (including another Maliki position) say before the Eid Salah-Prayer.
Some hold that the best time for payment is early on the day of Eid. Others allow payment a day or two before. Still others say it is obligatory to pay Zakat al-Fitr before the Eid Prayer, based on a statement of the Companion Ibn ‘Abbas: “It is accepted as Zakat for one who pays it before the Eid Prayer. It is a charity like other charities for one who pays it after” (Al-Shawkani, Nayl Al-Awtar).

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