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Ramadan Day 30: Farewell to Ramadan!





It has been a rewarding 30-day spiritual activity, a period of recompense, a period of closeness to Allah, a period of illumination by the Glorious Qur’an, a period of re-direction of destinies and possibilities, of charity, of divine blessings. It is indeed a memorable period.

Having passed through this spiritual exercise, we have been transformed, no doubt. It is time to celebrate, but an important part of the celebration is to express warm wishes to your neighbours and invite them for a meal. You can celebrate it with the poor to make them happy.

It is important to remember one of our cardinal responsibilities this month— Zakatul-Fitr. It is obligatory at this time we are bidding farewell to Ramadan. That is why the suffix fitr is attached to it— to commemorate the occasion of breaking the fast. It has to be paid before the Eid, anytime after the Eid will not serve the purpose and will not have the desired reward.

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It should be given on one of the foodstuffs which is commonly consumed in the society. The popular measurement of it is four handful on behalf of one person. If it has to be given in money, although this is not encouraged but the societal demands and circumstances sometimes call for it; it has to be well-calculated that the appropriate money equivalent is given in accordance with the existing price of the desired foodstuff in the market; in your area and at the right time too, to meet the immediate need and purpose to which it was given. The last two edition of this column harped on it.

Before I end, I seek forgiveness over my inability to touch other areas you would have wished, as well as my inability to reply to all mails, text messages, calls and comments. May Allah forgive us all and accept this as an act of worship. Let’s keep the spirit of Ramadan alive every day for the next 11 months Insha Allah before another Ramadan comes. That is the best way to bid Ramadan farewell. On behalf of the Publisher, the Editor, and the Muslim community in Vanguard Media Limited, we wish you all Eid-il-Mubarak!

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